It was just a few months ago on this website and on my radio show where I salivated over the 2019 BMW M850i xDrive Coupe.  A sleek, sharp, sexy, solid, seductive sports car that you can re-read HERE.  I ended my review alluding to an upcoming convertible version of the car and guess what?  It is time.

I usually a man of lengthhy words and breath but this review may be a bit shorter than usual.  Synopsis:  just like the Coupe but with a soft, retractable top.  Still sleek, sharp, sexy, solid and seductive.  About $10,000 more than it’s hard-top counterpart.  Go drive one.

Ok I’ll try to elaborate a bit more to fill up this space with words.  The top of the M850i Convertible is the standout and defining feature, obviously.  It took about 14 seconds to raise or lower the top at the touch of a button and it can be done while driving at up to 30 mph.

Ragtops are generally a bit noisy when it comes to cabin sound especially at high speeds.  This multilayer fabric kept the road noise and wind at a relatively low noise level; certainly comfortable enough to carry on a Bluetooth phone conversation.

Texas doesn’t get too cold but I can imagine those in more frigid climates will appreciate the built-in neck warmer option in the front-seat headrests.  Mercedes-Benz has a similar feature but something I have yet to use, especially when test cars like this come to me in the summer.

Like the Coupe, the 4.4L twin-turbo V8 engine puts out 523hp.  The only difference to me was that may hair blew when I floored the gas pedal.  Yes the top was down and I did not achieve the claimed 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds.

I had a bit of an issue seeing the glossy touchscreen when the sunlight hit it.  BMW – and other car makers – should take a cue from Range Rover and its cool feature of angling the display.

USB-A and C ports are standard along with a WiFi hotspot.  Apple CarPlay is here but BMW doesn’t seem to play nicely with Google’s Android Auto.  C’mon, guys.  Get in the tech game, please.

Getting back to the price, theM850i Convertible starts at $121,400.  My tester was priced at $131,395.  Fuel economy provided by BMW is estimated at 17/26mpg with an average of 20mpg.

The biggest question I got from readers and listeners was sinmply – do I prefer the Coupe or the Convertible.  The both are wondeful to drive and easier to look out.  While the Convertible seemed to turn more heads but my choice – given my hot, steamy climate of southeast Texas – would be the Coupe.  Though a bit more cramped with less headroom I couldn’t see me putting the top down for a long time in nasty summer months.

And I’d save about $10,000.


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