I’ve been playing around in some small cars lately which give me the opportunity to compare them against each other.  The just-launched Nissan Kicks is a fun car with a low price tag.  A competitor in this space is the Toyota C-HR which I tooled around in for a week.

The C-HR has interesting look.  Not the typical Toyota look with smooth, thought-out lines and swoops.  Rather this small CUV – as it is classified – has expressive accents and details.  From the rear door handles (they placed them up there??) to the outspoken taillights it is hard to tell that this is a Toyota.  It’s not a bad thing and my guess for the design uniqueness is the target market.  The C-HR is aimed at the younger audience, possibly in their 20’s and 30’s.  The millennials who just graduated college that want something a bit extreme in looks but not hard on their non-existent bank accounts.

The grill is minimal which showcases the LED headlights.  The hood seems to slope up to the roof which in itself sands out.  The model I tested had a white roof and stood out compared to its primary body color.  This white roof is an option you can get on three of the seven body colors.

Inside you will find a nice cockpit  with a center pod of controls.  There is a 7-inch screen with switches and knobs that are easy to reach and use.  Like most other Toyota vehicles the C-HR doesn’t have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto so it’s up to connecting to the USB port or Bluetooth to sync your phone.

Every C-HR gets the full Toyota Safety Sense Package of features including automatic high-beams, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, and automatic emergency braking.  There is also adaptive cruise control and a backup camera.

There are only two models to choose from – standard and premium versions.  For about $2,000 more it may be smart to upgrade to the Premium that includes keyless entry and push-button start, heated seats, and a few more safety features.  Still a decent price for a decent car.  And if you are wondering what those initials and hyphen stand for:  Coupe – High Rider.

Check out the video here:

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