When I think of sports sedans my mind quickly goes to the Mercedes AMG C63 or maybe the BMW M3.  How could I be forgetting the pride of Italy, the Alfa Romeo?  The 2018 Giulia Quadrafoglio is a lightweight (think carbo fiber) 4-door beast of car as it puts out a whopping 505hp.  It’s relatively light curb weight of 3800 lbs allows for this sleek, Italian machine to get up and go, go, go.

This is one of the best-handling vehicles I have ever driven.  The tight steering turns easy to allow the wheels and body to hug the road without a lot of hand movement.  The front seat gives the driver plenty of room though the back seat feels a bit cramped for a Michael-sized adult.  Either way this is the new standard among performance sedans.

We go inside the four-leaved clover vehicle on my radio show below:

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