lincoln-contI doubt you will see any 2017 Lincoln Continental vehicles sporting a big blue star on its side but the company is excited to be the Luxury Vehicle of the Dallas Cowboys.  And why not.  Is there another football venue in the world that is as luxurious as AT&T Stadium in Arlington?

As a Cowboys fan I am pretty stoked to see my team continue to align itself with strong brands that resonate with fans and one that can add even more shine to the teams’ silver helmets.  I interviewed Robert Parker, the Global Director of Marketing Sales & Service for The Lincoln Motor Company, to learn more about the brand’s transformation, where it is going and how the Cowboys partnership came to fruition.  You can hear our conversation in the link below.

Lincoln wants to me experience how fun and luxurious it can be going to a game and I was more than excited to say YES.  Keep checking back here and on Twitter at @iHeartVehicles this weekend as I roll around Big D in a Lincoln and watch the ‘Boys whoop up on the Ravens.  I’m sure the seats are “Jerry World” are just as perfect as the seats in the Continental.

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