VW is apparently launching a new vehicle.  We’re not sure what it is or what it is called.  The VW All something-or-other.  Since we were not sent a press release nor invited to the media launch ride-and-drive, we can only speculate what this thing is.  Here is our best guess…

We can only assume they are still embarrassed about DieselGate and do not want us to know what their brand or new models are doing.  That’s cool.  Plenty of more autos to cover and recommend.  Just feel bad for listeners across our national radio network who are going to get some dead air.  #AlwaysLookingForContent

(Stay tuned.  We hear Toyota is about to showcase some new and redesigned vehicles.  Maybe the Highlander or Prius?  No word from them either. #SharpeningOurCrayons


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